Saturday, November 1, 2008

will this election ever be over?

I'm truly tired of what our country does to itself every four years. The people who are most fit to lead (I'm looking at you, Colin Powell) won't run. That leaves us with less-than-ideal choices. I know Barack Obama is supposed to be the easy choice in this election. But when I look at his resume, I see a guy who has never held executive office -- a guy who has never had to bear the heavy cloak of leadership on his own.

For the people who complain about GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's lack of experience, I find their support of a pretty inexperienced Obama very hypocritical. Looking at his resume, Barack Obama's chief experience seems to be bettering Barack Obama. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't make me want to vote for the guy. And his ideas of "sharing the wealth" really smack of socialism. If Obama is into sharing the wealth, why not give the McCain camp a share of his $600 million war chest?

John McCain, on the other hand, has come off very bitter and afraid during this run. I can understand that. At heart, his own political party doesn't even want him. But you have to respect McCain's experience as a senator, a soldier and prisoner of war. If I had to vote for either of the two clowns running for president, I would have to vote for McCain. I have a great deal more respect for McCain, who has turned his image from one of the Keating Five into one of Congress's most ethical members.

And, if we're being frank here, I would not vote for Obama for a shallow reason. And yes, it has to do with the color of his skin. I do not want to contribute to the assassination of a president. Sorry, but I think it's true: If Obama is elected, I think there is a good chance he wouldn't make it to a second term. Racism, and the violence it begets, sadly still exists in our country. And there are people out there who simply won't take having a black president.

But thankfully, I don't have to vote for either of these guys. I will likely vote Libertarian (that'd be Bob Barr, for those of you who don't know) in the upcoming election. I am dissatisfied with the GOP and the Democrats, who are at core two sides of the same coin, no matter what they say. I am far more interested in how to get the government out of my daily life -- something that used to be a fixture in the Republican party's beliefs. Sadly, now everyone seems to expect government to fix your life for you.

That shouldn't be the way it works.