Sunday, November 9, 2008

now we're cooking

Last night I made dinner for Misty and our friend Chris ... I was going to do a pork tenderloin en croute, but the crust I made ended up not working out. Ever have that moment in the kitchen when something's failing and you have to make the decision whether to stay the course or go with plan B?

I went with plan B. Screw it. Sometimes you've gotta improvise.

I like to cook ... it's another way I feel I can be creative. So I ended up doing the pork with some Dale's steak sauce, Marsala wine and dill, and then combining some heavy cream, the wine, mushrooms and onions for a nice sauce (which boiled over once when I turned up the heat to cook the alcohol off).

It turned out great ... probably the best thing I've ever cooked. The meat was medium-well, and tender enough to cut with a fork. And if I do say so, the sauce was amazing ... it's something I'll definitely have to remember to use later on. Misty and I have talked about one day opening a restaurant ... and I think the tenderloin is something that would be restaurant-quality. If nothing else, I'll do it again for company (and not really worry about the en croute part this time).