Friday, November 21, 2008

i shake my little tush ... on the catwalk

i have an odd life. i'm a short, overweight, bald guy who has a dent in his head from a bad wreck about a year ago. and yet Wednesday i made my professional modeling debut.

no, i'm being serious. stop laughing, dang it.

okay, here's the story: Misty asked if i would model for her magazine, a national publication geared toward long-haul truckers. yes, truckers. so i of course said yes. i go to the shoot, where i'm wearing jeans, a black t-shirt ... and a life-alert bracelet. not only am i a trucker -- i'm a sick trucker. wonderful. here's the weird part ... i really did look like a trucker, especially once i put on the cap that read "B&J Trucking" ... please, no sophomoric jokes. i've made them already. :-P

the shoot progressed from the cab of a truck to a "hospital room" (really the foyer of the magazine's offices), where i had to take off my shirt to be examined by another model posing as a doctor. that's right ... i'm appearing topless in a magazine near you. the funniest part of all of this is that i've been annoying Misty with the lyrics to Right Said Fred's "I'm a Model" incessantly for the past two days.

how's that for a disturbing image? ha! at least she's being a good sport about it.

the best part about this will be my brother's aggravation when he sees these photos in the magazine. see, my brother IS a long-haul trucker. and he knows i have no clue what the heck i'm doing up in that big rig. and if i know him, that will irk the snot out of him.

i'll post pics from the shoot on facebook when i can.