Monday, December 8, 2008

say cheese!

so, i'm a softie.

does this surprise anybody, really? i got Misty a gift she's been wanting forever — a digital SLR camera. in fact, i got her this one: ... a pretty darn good "starter" DSLR. it was also on sale (and thank goodness). i was totally trying not to give it to her until Christmas, but that didn't work out so well.

the softie part comes in this: she's known i was getting her this camera ... and she knows me well enough to know that if she shows me she really, REALLY wants something, i can't deny her. so, the package came from Amazon today, and Misty has spent most of the evening taking random pictures of Ranger, Nom Nom and some goofy fat guy. she's been, well, like a kid at Christmas. and i think i feel a little like my parents did when i was little, and got a present i really liked.

making her happy makes me happy. that's one of the ways you know it's love, i guess. her happiness doesn't come before my happiness — my happiness is increased because of hers. in the six years i've known Misty, that's always been true. we've only been together romantically for a year and a half now, but she enriches my life in countless ways. i was (and am) glad i could return the favor (though, frankly, what i did for her pales in comparison for what she does for me on a daily basis).